Pranami Dharma propagates monotheism. i.e. belief in one Supreme Power, Namely Poorna Brahma Sacchidanand (Satchidanand)Parmatma. The informal foundation of Pranami Dharma was laid during the Braj and Raas Leela (Krishna Leela) in Dwapar,r approximately 5000 years ago in this ephemeral world. It considers Shri Krishna of Braj and Raas leela as an embodiment of Poornabrahm Parmatma or the Supreme Lord. It was founded by Nijanand Swami Acharya Shri Devchandra ji. Hence, the religion first started as Nijanand Sampradaya and later came to be known as Shri Krishna Pranami Dharma. Nijanand also means – Nij (Self) Anand (Bliss)- Bliss of the Self. Our scripture is Tartam Sagar which is also known as Swaroop Saheb, and is a Book of REVELATIONS. It was revealed through Mahamati Prannath approximately 350-400 years ago. Mahamati Prannath ji, was the disciple of Shri Devchandra ji and He is responsible for propagation of its philosophy across Indian Subcontinent. The philosophy helps in a clear demarcation of Self (atma/soul), Overself (par-atma), Supreme Self or Supreme Lord (Parmatma) in the ethereal world and of ego, mind and body in the ephemeral world and goes on to describe the relationship between them. It helps in understanding not only how but also why - the reason- the universe and world was created. Sundarsath (as the followers of Pranami Dharma are called) follow the path of love as is between a Lover and the Beloved. This is only possible if a person is able to rise above the bodily existence and can dwell on the level of spirit/soul while remaining in the ephemeral existence. The philosophy helps in making sense of the various deities, demi-Gods and Goddesses as are expressed in Philosophy of Sanatan Dharma. It expounds on the essence of various religious scriptures of the west and goes on to show that the diversity between them is unwanted. In essence all religions talk about the Same Lord Supreme, but are called by different names. It clearly answers the following questions – Who am I? Where am I from? What is my purpose of being in this world? Who is my origin? What is the relationship with my Origin? The Sundarsath greet each other using the word Pranam, meaning I bow to the spirit in you which is the embodiment of Supreme Lord, Sat-Chid-Anand meaning Truth-Consciousness-Bliss. Any one, who can love One Lord Supreme as a Beloved, is actually following the path of a Pranami, even though, one is not aware of one’s relationship with the Lord Supreme. If one gains the knowledge one has with the Lord Supreme, the ease with which one can attain Him is unparalleled. The sundarsath follow a concept of an Asht-prahar (asht-eight//prahar-consists of 3hours) seva pooja (love permeated prayer) to keep a constant awareness of the nearness to and relationship with Lord Almighty around the clock.